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Gluten Free Hawaii: a miniature food travel post

Recently I travelled to Hawaii to see two fabulous people tie the knot.  Yeah, poor me.  As you can guess, there were several factors I had to to ‘deal’ with, not least the lovely beaches with no stingers, and the most well behaved waves I’ve met in a long time...

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Oh yesss… I’m listening..

How many of us really listen? How many of us hear but don’t listen? Listening is an active process of attending to and interpreting aural stimuli.  Effective listening requires an understanding that it is not just the speaker's responsibility to make sure he/she is...

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Feeling Needy?

We ALL have needs. In effect, we are born into a sea of needs, and meeting them is crucial. When we do, it can lead to our greatest fulfillment. And when we don’t, it can be the source of some of our biggest conflicts and disappointments. So it is useful to know what...

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Depression And Its Many Faces

I am regularly astonished at the many faces of depression that I see. Anger, guilt, diarrhoea, headaches, weight gain or weight loss. Not necessarily sadness. Sadness is clearly not fashionable in many aspects of our cup-of-cement culture. This can make it a little...

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Dietary Planning: How Much Protein We Need & How to get it

We are made of protein, so we need it in certain quantities to maintain our structures, such as muscle, skin and bone. Protein is made up of chains of tiny units called amino acids. These not only make up the architecture of our body; each amino acid also has a unique function of its own. So we need protein for immunity, hormones, brain chemistry, enzymes, and crucial blood transportation (such as albumin which keeps blood pumping around the body).

Now here’s the crunchy bit:

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It has been said that the purpose of meditation is to establish a connection to your

Self. When you are present with yourself you can feel who you are and connect with your personal truth.

Meditation can allow you to identify:

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