Linda has been counseling at the core of her Naturopathic practice for over 10 years. She formalized this aspect of practice with a Psychology qualification in 2006, and has taken great joy in shaping her practice to address all aspects of mental and emotional wellness. Linda combines her experience in Naturopathy and Psychology to stimulate optimal personal growth, balance and biochemistry; eliminate baggage; and equip her clients with the best take-away tools for positive change and continued development.

Linda aims to treat the whole picture of wellness: physical, environmental, mental, emotional and spiritual, including:


  • Psychology and life strategy counselling
  • Nutritional balance; dietary analysis and individualised food planning
  • Neurotransmitters (good brain chemistry)
  • Hormones (e.g. thyroid, adrenal, male and female)
  • Biochemical pathways (such as pyrroluria, histamines, toxicity)
  • Thinking patterns, schemas and cognitive strategies
  • Relationships
  • Meditation and energetic patterns


  1. Duane Piert

    Love this site Linda, GREAT WORK!
    I’ll share your facebook tweets so Shane Peters gets them if he hasnt already!

    • linda

      Aw thanks Duane!! Cheers and Hi to Shane too! 🙂

  2. Amanda-Lyn Pearson

    Linda, beautiful clear and shiny sight. You inspire and clarify. Beauty and peace. Bless you for your work. xo

    • linda

      Thanks so much Amanda. Love and Peace right back ~ xox

  3. Lorelle

    Linda……. You are amazing! Thank you so much for creating this site. May you be blessed 100 fold. Big hugs to you x0x

    • linda

      Thank you Lorelle, right back at you, queen of Pilates! 🙂 xx

  4. Stephania

    Wow Linda! Welcome to the internet! It is soooooo wonderful that you have made this website so that a wider community can share in your wisdom. The site is very well made, easy to navigate and very simplistic. Your videos are just sooo well made and very professional! Well done! xoxoxox Stephania

  5. nicola

    Hi Linda ,
    I meet you a while ago in the park with Fiona.
    I caught up with Fiona the other day and had the almond crackers so Delicious loved them and the chocolate balls as well.
    Just wondering where to find the chocolate recipe :))


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